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Mysteries of Azeroth — is a fan-made expansion story for World of Warcraft Vanilla that delves deeper into exploring the original lore of the game. This expansion aims to take a different path from the Burning Crusade, emphasizing the familiar Azeroth of Vanilla WoW over the cosmic battle with the Burning Legion. While being heavily based on the lore from Warcraft 3 and Vanilla WoW, Mysteries of Azeroth seeks to enhance the game by adding content that matches the already well-established lore of Warcraft Universe.

Get ready for a brand-new adventure that will take you on a journey around Azeroth in a new story tailored to provide never-before-experienced adventures.



In addition to new dungeons, raids, and zones, the expansion also features two new races. A group of greedy Goblins splits off from the Venture Company to join their fellow outcasts in the Horde, and High Elf refugees from the fall of Quel'Thalas lend their magical talents to the Alliance.

Existing content

stays relevant!

We don't want to devalue the existing content of Vanilla WoW. Instead, new content from this expansion will run in parallel to existing vanilla wow content, starting at level 10 and running up to level 60 (which remains the max level)

High Elves
of the Alliance

Silvermoon Remnants

Long ago, the exiled high elves founded the magical kingdom of Quel'Thalas. Here they created a mystical fount called the Sunwell. For generations, the elves cultivated a prosperous and powerful country until the shadow of death fell upon them. Scourge attacked Quel'Thalas and destroyed the Sunwell, at the same time reducing the population of the High Elves to an all-time low. Scattered and regretful, the refugees of this once proud race now seek a new place to call home and a way to fill the void inside them, left by the destruction of the Sunwell.

of the Horde

Durotar Labor Union

Shrewd, greedy, and ruthless, goblins have a long-standing reputation for being neutral in the rest of the world, despite the Steamwheedle Cartel allying with the Old Horde during the Second War. Heroes of goblin society are not bastions of honor or integrity. Instead, goblins tend to admire the ruthless acquisition of profit, by any means necessary. Goblins are gifted engineers and accomplished seafarers but are best known for their unabashed avarice.

December 12 | 2021

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December 12 | 2021

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December 12 | 2021

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Sound design has always been a big part of Warcraft Universe. It helped bring players closer to the stories this world had to offer and enhanced the experience its players had. For that reason, we aim to keep up with this tradition and provide our players with excellent sound design to match the new content we provide.




Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or a new one, Mysteries of Azeroth brings with it a ton of new content for everyone to enjoy. Journey across Azeroth and encounter numerous new factions, locations and characters.




Azeroth is a mysterious, beautiful, and dangerous place. While some of its inhabitants prefer to stay in the warmth and safety of their cities, others seek glory, knowledge, and riches still hidden around the world. The new expansion Mysteries of Azeroth brings a ton of new areas and locations to explore for the eager adventurers.

new class & race


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While beautiful, no one can deny that Azeroth is a dangerous place. To rise above the challenges they face, the heroes of Azeroth found new ways to succeed.

  • Trained by their other kin the Orcs learned how to wield the arts of the arcane.
  • Uncovering the lost texts the Dwarvish mages reconnected with their titanic roots.
  • Armed with the experiences from their past lives, the Forsaken once again seek to improve their hunting and survival skills.
  • By using their ingenuity, the Gnomes found new ways to surpass other races. With their new devices, the Gnomish hunters managed to bend even the mightiest of beasts to their will.



By creating new transport routes and flight paths, the Horde and Alliance can now access even the farthest corners of the world. Including those undeservedly forgotten.

Transport Routes Button

new profession


Ah, the great outdoors! Make yourself at home with a camping tent, warm up with a cozy campfire and enjoy fishing on a sturdy fishing boat, with bonuses on top. Collect new seeds from around the world and tend to your own crops and reap the rewards.

Exciting seasonal


Whether you like spending summer days on the beach parties in Tanaris or enjoying cold yet cozy holidays in Winter Veil Vale, there is always something to do for everyone!




Uncover new treasures and lost recipes scattered around the world, defeat powerful foes or earn the favor of different quartermasters to earn their boons.




From the depths of Karazhan Crypt to the corrupted wilds of Crescent Grove, new foes arise to threaten the world. Only by the combined might of the brave adventures do residents of Azeroth stand a chance.




From the sands of the Blood Ring to the timeless conflicts of Sunnyglade Valley, there are many opportunities to earn fame and glory for your faction.

Guild Vaults

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Are you tired of stashing away your guild's goodies on your alts? By paying a hefty sum of gold, you can unlock the Guild Vault to store all your valuables. And if that is not enough, you can always pay extra gold from either the guild vault or your own pockets for additional tabs. Personalize your vault by adding icons to the tabs, limiting the number of items you take daily and which guilds ranks can access them.



With new hair colors, skin paints and colors its never been easier to make your character truly yours.

New Player

Spells & Talents

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Old dogs can learn new tricks after all! Discover fresh playstyles and spells to defeat your foes and experience a number of improved and polished specializations.

Client interface


  • Extended Quest Log
  • XP gain toggle on player's portrait
  • Looking for Players (without teleport) in-built addon
  • Battleground Finder on the minimap

New pets & mounts

From cute critters to valiant steeds and whirring shredders, there are new companions for everyone, now safely stored in your personal pets and mounts tabs found in your spellbook.

Pets and Mounts Button

New feature

Player Titles

Flaunt your outstanding accomplishments with a title granted to you by wielding legendary items or achieving extreme feats:

  • Immortal
  • Sulfuron Champion
  • Stormwielder
  • Guardian of Tirisfal

New feature


Complete repeatable quests and defeat powerful foes to earn Fashion Tokens and change your gear looks to your desire! Some restrictions apply.

These additions are designed to enrich the exploration and combat experience in familiar dungeons with new lore, challenges, and rewards. All new locations and encounters are optional, providing flexibility for players.

Shadowfang Keep

The Chapel

Scarlet Monastery

Graveyard: Prison

Wailing Caverns

Kolkar's Birthright

Wailing Caverns

The Overgrowth

The Deadmines

Harvest Golem Foundary

The Deadmines

The Laboratory

Class Changes


Your Spec Viable!

Every class and specialization has been shown some extra love, with new and reworked talents, abilities, and interactions allowing every playstyle to shine while staying true to the Vanilla WoW spirit of unique class identity.

Radio Section

In-Game Radio


Broadcasting Co.

More than just static, it’s Everlook Radio magic! 24/7 tunes only a click away, accessible in-game or in your browser!



Reduced Add-On Dependency

A better experience, by default — no more scouring the web for 20 year old addons! With UI adjustments and updates all in the existing vanilla style, you’ll be able to experience all the game has to offer without downloading anything extra.

Itemization Picture


Explore the new progression in Turtle WoW’s vanilla+ world. New dungeons, raids, and alternatives for existing tier sets allow new and refreshing progression for vanilla veterans and classic newcomers alike!

New Primary



Create new, powerful gear and gems with our custom profession Jewelcrafting! Explore the specialty of Goldsmithing and craft equipment, or try your hand at Gemology to enhance existing rings and necklaces!

Test your strength with

Leveling Challenges

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Prove yourself or die trying! Whether you take on the Hardcore challenge and prove your skill as a mortal, or embark on a journey to kill that which has no life in the Hambringer challenge, our numerous challenge modes provide motivation to get back into the world and level another alt!