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As many new dangers show themselves, new heroes rise to take on the challenge. Orc mages trained by their other kin in the arts of the arcane, dwarf mages reconnecting with their titanic past, undead hunters rekindling their sharp senses and survival skills, gnomes hunters bending mighty beasts to their will with technological marvels, its truly the time of adventurers.

Orc • Mage
Mage Icon Orc Icon

While orcs typically lean towards their affinity for elemental magic, their time on Azeroth has brought them valuable teachings from the ogre and troll mages. Today, a fresh generation of orcish spellcasters diligently delves into the ancient tomes, meticulously unearthing the long-buried arcane secrets.

Orc Mage Preview
Dwarf • Mage
Mage Icon Dwarf Icon

Dwarves possess an inherent affinity for Arcane magic, a power further fortified by their lineage traced back to the Titans. In a remarkable revival, the Azurestone Order, a guild of dwarves exceptionally adept in the arcane arts, has been reestablished. Now, it falls upon the shoulders of these skilled dwarven mages to rekindle the Order's former strength and grandeur.

Dwarf Mage Preview
Gnome • Hunter
Hunter Icon Gnome Icon

The ingenious gnomes of Gnomeregan stand as masterful inventors, skilled mechanics, and adept constructors. Their expertise with firearms and intricate gadgets has long positioned them as outstanding marksmen. However, with the invaluable support of their Dwarven allies, they have further solidified their hunting prowess. Today, they hunt amidst the rolling hills of Dun Morogh, not only showcasing their strength but also providing sustenance and vital resources for the refugees of Gnomeregan.

Gnome Hunter Preview
Undead • Hunter
Hunter Icon Undead Icon

Countless Forsaken have clung to the memories of their former lives, particularly those who once roamed the lush forests of Lordaeron as skilled hunters. Guided and mentored by the enigmatic Dark Rangers, they have embarked on a journey to rekindle their prowess as marksmen and masterful trappers. These reawakened skills now find a new purpose as they ardently dedicate themselves to the cause of the Dark Lady.

Undead Hunter Preview
Human • Hunter
Hunter Icon Human Icon

Many humans have been training vigorously with their newfound High Elven allies ever since they joined forces. They have been forging strong bonds with nature and honing their marksmanship skills. Finally, the first line of Human Hunters is now fully prepared and ready to face whatever challenges the world may present.

Human Hunter Preview
Troll • Warlock
Warlock Icon Troll Icon

The reunion of the forest trolls and the Darkspear tribes has resulted in a fusion of cultures. As a consequence, the prominence of dark magic has increased within troll society, offering new avenues for those who crave power. The audacious tusken kin, willing to pay the price, are now prepared to venture into the wider world. The question remains: Will you rise above all others, or will your insatiable hunger for power lead to your downfall?

Troll Warlock Preview