New Factions

& Quests

With the danger lurking around every corner and as the Mysteries of Azeroth began to unravel, prepare to meet numerous new factions and characters that will no doubt need the help of an adventurer like you.

1500 quests have been added all around Azeroth!

Wardens of Time

This specific group of the Bronze Dragonflight will accept the aid of any mortal that have earned access to the Caverns of Time. Their goal is to undo the mysterious time anomalies that have recently begun to appear across the timeways.

Steamwheedle Blood Ring

A grand arena tournament organized by the Steamwheedle Cartel. The strongest fighters are invited to compete in the bloody sands for fame and great rewards provided by the Arena Masters of the Cartel.

Kul Tiran

Remnants of Admiral Daelin Proudmoore's Exploratory Fleet, these few survivors that have not been killed by the Horde eke out a dangerous existence.

Keepers of Outerend

These stalwart servants have kept the relic Outerend safe for a dozen millenia. With the coming darkness, they now seek to guide mortals to fight for Azeroth.


Theramore, a human city led by Lady Jaina Proudmoore, stands as a beacon of peace and alliance amidst the turbulent waters of Dustwallow Marsh.


Dalaran, a magical city hidden from the eyes of bystanders, serves as a sanctuary for the Kirin Tor, a powerful group of mages dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and the protection of Azeroth.

Wildhammer Clan

The Wildhammer Clan, a faction of dwarves residing in the Hinterlands, are known for their mastery of aerial combat and their alliance with the Alliance, providing crucial support in the ongoing battle against the Horde.

Gelkis and Magran Centaur

The Gelkis and Magran Centaur tribes, residing in Desolace, are locked in a bitter conflict over resources and territory, caught in the crossfire of the ongoing war between the Alliance and the Horde.

Thorium Brotherhood

The secretive Thorium Brotherhood, based in the Searing Gorge, harnesses the power of rare minerals to create powerful weapons and armor, serving as a vital source of support for the Alliance and the Horde alike in their ongoing battles.

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