As the development continues and we add more content to the game, we aim to help you better navigate through all the changes. For that reason, our team is hard at work on improving the interface to make your journey more enjoyable.

Items Sent to the Winner

Items won through group loot will no longer become free-for-all if the roll winner's bags are full. Any rare or higher quality items that are still unlooted upon the corpse despawning will be sent to the winner by mail, instead of being lost forever.

Minimized World Map

Your world map can now be minimized by clicking the arrow button next to the close button, allowing a more streamlined experience.

Hardcore Channel

You can access hardcore channel by typing a chat command /h now, if you're hardcore player. This channel is disabled at level 60 if you are not an Inferno Mode player and therefore immortal again.

LFT — Looking For Turtles

Looking for Group Addon for Turtle WoW. Allowing you to queue for a dungeon, shows a list of available dungeons and how many people are queueing. This addon will not teleport you and your group inside the dungeon.

Extended Quest Log

Now enough space to see all quests at the same time. coming with the next update!

XP Gain Toggle on Player's Portrait

Experience can now be toggled on and off by right-clicking on your character portrait.

Pet & Mount Collections

Rejoice pet collectors for your little ones will no longer have to spend their time at the bank waiting for you. New collection tab can be used to bring all of your pets with you on your numerous journeys. You heard about pulling a rabbit out of the hat. How about pulling a horse out of the spellbook? Amongst other functions, there is a mount tab where you can store all your favorite mounts.

Battleground Finder on the Minimap

From the sands of the Blood Ring to the timeless conflicts of Sunnyglade Valley, there are many opportunities to earn fame and glory for your faction!