Everlook Broadcasting Co.

Get ready to rock your socks off with the unrivaled radio experience in Azeroth! And guess what? We've got the legendary DJ Zappo Zapblast, the master of spinning the most outrageously honest news you'll ever hear in this realm!

You can find this new feature on your minimap!

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Live Show "Living in the Past"

Join us on "Living in the Past," where we kick back with tales from Azeroth and learn more about its mysteries. So relax, sit back, and let our host, with more stories than a Booty Bay auctioneer, share a mix of historical tidbits, server news, and his own bizarre adventures.

Tune in, soak up the good vibes, and share a chuckle with this new Everlook Broadcasting Co. show.

You can find  the Show on YouTube , and if our host got you intrigued, check out his channel  here!

"Hey Azeroth! Hold onto your helms because it's that time again! Everlook Broadcasting Co. is about to drop the hottest deals and products of the week!

If you've got something to sell, why aren't you on this list? And now, roll the adverts!"

Radio Staff:
DJ Zappo Zapblast
DJ Dapper
Newsmaker Vrograg the Fishslayer
Station Chief Engineer Dan Leto
DJ Dave
Charles Lobaugh