Class Changes:


The vanilla design of the Druid is infamous for being pretty unfinished. Its mechanics weren’t fully realized until well into the first expansion. Because of this, there’s a lot of freedom on how to improve on the class while sticking with the “vanilla feeling.” That said, simply attempting to recreate the druid of later expansions is a cop-out, but we feel incorporating some iconic and fan-favorite abilities would be a good idea.

Changes to Baseline Spells

Claw now also deals 100% of weapon damage in addition to its current damage.
Note: This value is calculated on the invisible Claw weapon druid forms get when shapeshifting and does not correspond with your normal weapon.

Frenzied Regeneration now also heals for 1% of your Stamina.

Insect Swarm is now a Balance spell and available to all Druids starting at level 20.

Faerie Fire (Feral) is now available to all Druids starting at level 30.

New Abilities

Owlkin Frenzy

Attacks done to you while in Moonkin Form have a 15% chance to cause you to go into a Frenzy, causing you to be immune to pushback while casting Balance spells. Lasts 10 sec.

Savage Bite

Learned at Level: 58 Requires: Bear Form Cost: 30 Rage Cooldown: 6 Second

Savagely bites the target, dealing normal damage plus 61.

Talent Changes


Natural Weapons
Now 3 Ranks (down from 5)
Increases the damage you deal with physical in all forms by 4/7/10% and increases your chance to hit with melee attacks and spells by 1/2/3%.

Improved Wrath
Reduces the cast time and global cooldown of your Wrath spell by 0.1/0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5 sec.

Moonkin Form
Transforms the Druid into Moonkin Form. While in this form the armor contribution from items is increased by 360%, the Mana cost of your Moonfire, Starfire, and Wrath spells reduced by 20%, and all party members within 30 yards have their spell critical chance increased by 3%. The Moonkin can only cast Balance spells, Innervate, and Remove Curse while shapeshifted.

Omen of Clarity
Imbues the Druid with natural energy. Each of the Druid's melee attacks and direct damage spell casts have a chance of causing the caster to enter a Clearcasting state. The Clearcasting state reduces the Mana, Rage or Energy cost of your next damage or healing spell or offensive ability by 100%. Lasts 30 min.


Primal Fury & Blood Frenzy
Have had their existing effects combined into Primal Fury: Gives you a 50/100% chance to gain an additional 5 Rage anytime you get a critical strike while in Bear and Dire Bear Form and your critical strikes from Cat Form abilities that add combo points have a 50/100% chance to add an additional combo point.

Feral Instinct
Feral Instinct reduced from 5 ranks to 3 ranks. Increases threat caused in Bear Form and Dire Bear Form by 5/10/15% and reduces the chance enemies have to detect you while Prowling.

Blood Frenzy New
Row 4, 2 Ranks
Increases the duration of Tiger's Fury by 3/6 seconds and your Enrage now also instantly restores 5/10 rage. In addition, Tiger’s Fury and Enrage increases your attack speed by 6/12% for 6/12 seconds.

Berserk New
Row 5, 1 Rank, 6 Minute Cooldown
Removes all Fear effects and increases your energy regeneration rate by 100% while in Cat form, and increases your total health by 20% while in Bear form. After the effect ends, the health is lost. Effect lasts 20 seconds.


has moved from a Row 7 to a Row 3 talent, replacing Insect Swarm.

Tranquil Spirit
is no longer a prerequisite for the Row 7 major talent.

Improved Rejuvenation
is now a prerequisite talent for Improved Regrowth.

Improved Enrage
has been removed from the Restoration tree and has been integrated into the new talent Blood Frenzy.

now also reduces threat generated from Balance spells. Reduces the threat generated by your Healing and Balance spells by 4/8/12/16/20%.

New Talent: Tree of Life Form
Shapeshift into the Tree of Life. While in this form you increase healing received by 20% of your total Spirit for all party members within 30 yards, your movement speed is reduced by 20%, and you cannot cast damaging spells or Healing Touch, but the mana cost of these spells is reduced by 20%. The act of shapeshifting frees the caster of Polymorph and Movement Impairing effects.