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Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or a new one, Mysteries of Azeroth offers a ton of new maps and locations to explore. From the war-torn lands of Lordaeron to the harsh yet beautiful shores of Durotar, travel around the world and experience never-before-seen places.

Gillijim's Isle & Island of Lapidis

Long has it been since explorers reveled stories of the great Isle of Giljim, and the Island of Lapidis. Stories shared around the campfires of eager voyagers ready to make their mark upon the world. A place where trolls practiced shadow, a place where pirates called home and brewed ale to the cartload! Surely these tales and stories are just that, stories right? Is what the old travelers say true, are there really islands out there, that beckon new adventurers?

Gillijim's Isle & Island of Lapidis 1
Gillijim's Isle & Island of Lapidis 2
Gillijim's Isle & Island of Lapidis 3

Caelan's Rest

This once proud fleet of Kul Tiras lays shipwrecked upon Lapidis Isle. Betrayed and left ashore, they battled to secure themselves at Caelan's Rest. With their allegiances to the Old Alliance intact, they graciously accept the help of those loyal to Stormwind.

Tirisfal Uplands

The wind howls, and the clouds thicken over the Whispering Forest. The Forsaken begin their efforts into the Tirisfal Uplands, a land ravaged by the undead scourge and holding the remains of what once was. This forgotten territory has much at stake for those eager enough to help.

Sparkwater Port

The grinding of gears, the buzzing of saws, smoke billows upon the horizon of Durotar as the Labor Union finds its footing within the region. Within the new Sparkwater Port the fire's of industry awaken, and loom upon the shoreline as the Goblin's forge their new destinies within the Horde. Come to the new town and find your place amongst the crafty goblins. With over 50 quests, gambling, unique vendor goods, rare items, you ain't going to want to miss all the action!

Sparkwater Port
Sparkwater Port Goblin
Sparkwater Port Goblins

Hawk's Vigil

Expecting a Scourge retaliation, refugees of Lordaeron managed to escape south into the mountains and worked hard to fortify their new settlement so it could survive a siege from the Undead. Over time, the threats became less real and the inhabitants of Hawk's Vigil could finally start to feel a sense of comfort in this small but fruitful land. Whether you're a warrior, wizard, or just a weary traveler; all are welcome in the hills of Wetlands!

Hawk's Vigil 1
Hawk's Vigil 2
Hawk's Vigil 3

Dun Agrath

The town of Dun Agrath: enjoy their secluded peace as the sun sets to rest another day.

Venture Camp and Broken Cliff Mine

The Venture Company have finally arrived to check on Nert Blastentom and his crew's mission, to find no trace of their (now-ex) employees. They've now dug open a way to the valley to find a clue to their whereabouts and to finish the mission that was tasked to them all that time ago: Drain the land of all of its resources.

Venture Camp and Broken Cliff Mine 1
Venture Camp and Broken Cliff Mine 1
Venture Camp and Broken Cliff Mine 1

Sorrowguard Keep

Sorrowguard Keep stands as a testament to humankind's resillience. Originally built to keep vigil over the orcs in the Second War, it was damaged and abandoned. It has since been repaired by Watch Paladin Janathos and his guard, unbeknownst to the Horde. Help them conceal the keep from scouts, gather valuable supplies and clear out the encroaching wildlife.

Sorrowguard Keep 1
Sorrowguard Keep 2
Sorrowguard Keep 3


Perched atop the peaks of Kalimdor, Hyjal has long been a sacred place for the Night Elves, serving as a constant watch against the horrors of the past. Archimonde's bones, a haunting reminder of the War of the Ancients, adorn Nordrassil. Recently, the once secluded Hyjal has opened its gates, beckoning for aid in the battle against the growing Nightmare and demonic corruption that plagues the mountain. It is crucial that we climb Mount Hyjal and join the fight against this evil, lest we return to the dark days of ten thousand years ago, or worse.

Hyjal 1
Hyjal 2
Hyjal 3


Gilneas, once the proud home of a nation, now lies in ruins. Its despondent people struggle to survive, scavenging whatever scraps they can find from the remains. However, with the battered and broken gate of the Greymane Wall, the nation can now open its doors to the outside world, raising hope that Gilneas may flourish once more.

Gilneas City


Founding an embassy in Stormwind Harbor, sailors of Kul Tiras have been welcomed into the city heart of the Alliance, building the ground for diplomatic relations between the divided nations. However, while many are eager to mend the deep wounds from wars long gone, other countrymen cannot quell their hatred so easily. With torches aflame in the advent of war, the people of Davenburg need to prove their allegiance towards the Alliance and their brittle peace with the Horde.



Found off the eastern coast of Tanaris, Tel'abim stands as the center for banana export, overseen by the neutral Tel Company, Tel Co. for short. Recently the apes of the island have started a rebellion against the company, driving them off of collection sites and demolishing equipment, it's up to you to restore order to the island and help Tel Co. resume collection, or else Azeroth might never see another banana again.


Anchor's Edge

Kul Tirans of the expeditionary fleet led by Lieutenant Alverold have finally returned, the promised reinforcements of Tiragarde. Settling on a new island that has been called Anchor's Edge, just south of the Echo Isles. Already, scouts and commandos have pushed into the southern Echo Isles and may become a threat to the Horde if not dealt with in time!

Anchor's Edge House

Thalassian Highlands

Located at the remote fringes of Quel'thalas, these lands were initially established as an outpost for Alah'Thalas. Over time, with your assistance, it has developed into a thriving city, complete with its own dock. However, one must not be deceived by the beauty of these lands, for lurking in the shadows are sinister forces, even within the city walls. This zone serves as the starting point for fledgling High Elves, offering a level 1-10 experience.

Thalassian Highlands 1
Thalassian Highlands 2
Thalassian Highlands 3

Gnomeregan Reclamation Facility

The Gnomeregan Reclamation Facility is the result of gnomekind's collective efforts to reclaim their city. Located in Dun Morogh, it serves as the new home for the Gnomeregan Exiles. This Alliance town offers familiar amenities like an auction house and bank, as well as general goods vendors. Former residents of Tinker Town, Ironforge, have relocated here, along with new gnomes joining the cause. The facility provides quests for reclaiming Gnomeregan, including a section overrun by toxic components. While you will be rewarded for your helping efforts, be cautious of the gadgets you receive, as they may turn you into a test subject.

Gnomeregan Reclamation Facility 1
Gnomeregan Reclamation Facility 2
Gnomeregan Reclamation Facility 3

Blackstone Island

After escaping from the lands of Stonetalon Mountains, the goblins of the Durotar Labor Union have succumbed to their biggest weakness: greed. They have seized control of an island rich in natural resources, but this new empire has been built on the backs of hopeful goblins who sought an escape from the clutches of the Venture Co. These new recruits found themselves trapped in a similar predicament again, only this time under new management. It is now your responsibility to break free from the chains of poverty and claim your rightful place in the Durotar Labor Union. This zone serves as the starting point for fledgling goblins, offering a level 1-10 experience.

Blackstone Island 1
Blackstone Island 2
Blackstone Island 3

Forlorn Summit

Forgotten and decayed, this cliff holds Prince Arthas Menethil’s base from which he issued the Culling of Stratholme during the Scourge’s infestation by the Cult of the Damned. In his fervent pursuit of Mal’Ganis, he abandoned this outpost - unbeknownst to the Silver Hand, Arthas’ suspicions were about to be verified: among the refugees of Stratholme were not only bearers of the Plague of Undeath, but also remaining agents of the Cult of the Damned, Kel’thuzad’s necromantic acolytes. To this day, the Forlorn Summit is a breeding ground of vile sorcery and crimes against all life. Are you valiant enough to stand against Kel’thuzad’s sect?

Forlorn Summit 1
Forlorn Summit 2
Forlorn Summit 3

Karfang Hold

Made aware of their position as puppets to the dragons of the upper spires, Karfang and other wiser Blackrock orcs have ventured northeast of the Burning Steppes to establish what is now known as Karfang Hold. Seeking the aid of the New Horde, they have opened their doors to adventurers and allies. Quests in this hub will require you to scrounge up vital resources for survival, clean up traces of the Orcs' departure and the resulting betrayal of the Old Horde to prevent an all-out attack from the Blackrock Mountain, and aid them as they strive to solidify themselves as part of the New Horde.

Karfang Hold

Little Silvermoon

Established in the nook of Stormwind that was formerly called Cutthroat Alley, Little Silvermoon serves as the embassy of the High Elven refugees, also serving as a slice of what once was before their exile.

Little Silvermoon

Hateforge Excavation

Under order of the Blackrock senate, an excavation by the Dark Iron dwarves has been issued in the east of the Burning Steppes. Born from the mind of High Foreman Bargul Blackhammer, they mine day in day out, yet with no apparent results. Suspicious of their actions, members of the Royal Senate of Ironforge and the renegade group of Blackrock Orcs in Karfang Hold seek the aid of adventurers to unveil the shadows seeping out of the Hateforge Quarry.

Hateforge Excavation

Scarlet Enclave

Left in disarray after the assault on the Scarlet Monastery, the leadership of the Scarlet Crusade rapidly increased their recruitments and many of the lost and impressionable youths have been drafted into their fanatic fold. Rumors spread across the Eastern Kingdoms, as the Crusade started retreating and hiding more and more in the secretive Scarlet Enclave yonder Tyr’s Hand. What they’re conspiring behind that shut gate may remain a mystery for now.

Scarlet Enclave

Suntail Pass

Located in the northeastern corner of Mulgore, this pass serves as a place of pilgrimage to a few spirit walkers dedicated to honoring their ancestors and as a passage between Mulgore and the Barrens, allowing a safer trip to the Crossroads for young Tauren adventurers looking to make their place in the world. This location also serves as a small quest hub to clear the Bristleback Quilboar presence found east of the pass.

Suntail Pass

Sandmoon Village

Only accessible via a hidden path from Tanaris, Sandmoon Village serves as a hidden home to a small sect of Sandfury trolls. Less bloodthirsty than the rest of their kind and aware of the corruption growing behind the walls of Zul'Farrak, they've established this village to separate themselves from them, and in requirement of aid from the Horde for survival in the cliffs of the scorching desert.

Sandmoon Village

Redcloud Roost

Found atop a spire at the Red Cloud Mesa, it's here where fledgling wyverns are given the training needed to transport passengers around Kalimdor. Perhaps you can train a fledgling of your own?

Redcloud Roost

Shrine of the Betrayer

An ancient statue devoted to Illidan, built by the exiled highborne a millennia ago. It is currently occupied by blood elves and a wayward demon hunter.

Shrine of the Betrayer

Icepoint Rock

This frozen glacier floats in the midpoint between Kalimdor and Northrend. The means to get to it and its inhabitants remain a mystery even to the hardiest of adventurers.

Icepoint Rock

Chimaera Roost Vale

Once abandoned after the Third War, the forgotten Chimaera Roost Vale finds hope in the determined efforts of night elf Velos, who strives to restore its former glory.

Chimaera Roost Vale


Amani'alor serves as Kalimdor outpost of the Revantusk Trolls situated in the northwestern corner of the Stonetalon Mountains. They toil and work to unite the troll tribes under the banner of the Horde.

Amani'Alor 1
Amani'Alor 2
Amani'Alor 3

New World Maps and Updates

New towns to explore, new stories to tell, new villains to defeat!

Zone Revamps

Arathi Highlands:
  • Wildtusk Village
  • Ruins of Zul'rasaz
  • Trails of Zul'rasaz
  • Farwell Stead
  • Gallant Square
  • Livingstone Croft
  • Flaxwhisker Front
  • Bloodfist Point
  • Rethress Sanctum
  • Ruins of Corthan
  • Scalebane Ridge
  • Crystalline Oasis
  • Crystalline Pinnacle
  • Redbrand's Digsite
  • Angor Digsite
  • Ruins of Zeth
Stonetalon Mountains:
  • Bramblethorn Pass
  • Powder Town
  • Blacksand Oil Fields
  • Bael Hardul
Dustwallow Marsh:
  • Westhaven Hollow
  • Blackhorn Village
  • Deserter's Hideout
  • Hermit of the East Coast
  • Continuation of Shady Rest Inn

Updated Vanilla Locations

Forest Song
Talonbranch Glade