Turtle WoW Sound Design Team

Sound design has always been a big part of the Warcraft Universe. It helped bring players closer to the stories this world had to offer and enhanced the experience its players had. We aim to keep up with this tradition and provide our players with excellent sound design to match the new content we provide.

Original Soundtracks

Thanks to our talented artists and musicians (Gabriel Contreras • József Kiss • George Kouroupakis • Charles Lobaugh), we are able to have numerous new soundtracks that you will experience as you embark on your journey through Azeroth.

Warm thanks for the contributions in the past: Ivan Nikolic • Sauli Pulkkinen • Parhaus

Unique Character Voices

As we introduce many new characters, we strive to give them more life to make them feel like a part of the world they inhabit. And what better way to do that than to provide them with their own voices.

Footer Line

Charles Lobaugh, 'ol Shanky

The community that Turtle WoW fosters is one of teamwork, passion, and care that is almost unprecedented in other games past and present. I'm thankful to be working with such incredible people and extremely humbled by their willingness to let me express myself in my voicework. For Azeroth!

Charles has been a part of our project for many years, breathing life into our new characters with his voice acting skills! We highly recommend collaborating with him — check Charles out on Fiverr:  Charle's Fiverr